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Williamston Skewarkee Canal Phase IV-A Railroad Culvert Improvements

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Williamston, North Carolina

Project Description:

This project included all labor, equipment, materials, and supervision to install 84" RCP across an existing CSXT Railroad track embankment by means of open-cut. Open-cut activities required track panel removal and reinstallation with part(s) of work separately and jointly by CSXT and Trader Construction Company. The track panel removal, all excavation, pipe installation, pipe bedding, backfill placement & compaction, railroad-bedding placement, and track panel reinstallation required round-the-clock performance and completion within 84 hours. More specifically, work consisted of installing temporary erosion control, installing 96 LF of 84-inch reinforced concrete pipe RCP; removing & reinstalling existing track panel with CSXT; installing 5,600 SF of Fabri-Form channel liner, concrete footings and piers for existing pipeline; site clearing, excavation and embankment placement.