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Town Creek Culvert Storm Drain Improvements

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Pitt County, North Carolina

Project Description:

This project included all labor, equipment, materials, and supervision to rehabilitate and replace segments of the aging stormwater conveyance system that conveys runoff from an existing highly urbanized 308.6-acre watershed, with an additional 45.6 acres included with a future NCDOT project, while installing a variety of BMPs that will remove TSS, Nitrogen and phosphorus from the watershed. The proposed project will include the construction of approximately 300 linear feet (LF) of one 84-inch reinforced concrete pipe culvert, 270 LF of 10’X6’ reinforced concrete box culvert, approximately 2180 LF 10’X8’ reinforced concrete box culvert, approximately 21,780 square feet (SF) of bioretention area, two regenerative stormwater conveyance systems, new water mains, new sewer mains, utility relocations, concrete work, street scape/ landscaping, and asphalt paving.