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MCB Camp Lejeune Repair Closed Landfill Cap

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MCB Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

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This project included all labor, equipment, materials, and supervision to repair the grading on top of the existing landfill at Camp Lejeune. Work consisted of stripping the topsoil, placing clay, and re-establishing vegetation in a positive drainage manner. More specifically: installing of 8,200 LF of silt fence, repairing 43 methane gas vents, riprap ditch work, stripping 49,800 CY of material, replacing 33,000 CY of striped material, placing 25,800 CY of borrow material, placing 13,500 CY of clay liner, placing 16,000 CY of topsoil, 31 AC of seeding, and 5,000 SY of sod.